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Poster: Cloud Mountain Date: Jul 22, 2008 10:02pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: "Disk full" - a new kind of problem. Is anyone there?

Sorry to post here, but haven't figured out how to create my own thread.

Have been getting the same Disk Full message for nearly a week now. Would be nice to complete the uploading of an audio project. Can't get past this message even after attempting hundreds of times throughout a day to upload a file. Have been uploading hundreds of audio files over the past 3 years without a glitch. This one's a puzzlement. Maybe I should look to see if any other of my projects will accept files. When am at LibriVox and uploading under that name we're having no unusual problems. This one's a stumper. (Thanks.)

Should I just keep trying?

Thanks to EVERYONE behind the Archive scenes!! You are all great folk. How do you get your energy?

The project/page in question is:

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